3 Tips for Maintaining A Clean Home Over the Summer

School is out and the official start of summer is almost here – what does this time of year mean for your household? Often, children spend more time around the house during the summer months. This could mean more house cleaning is needed as your home in Bloomfield and Keego Lake, Michigan will be used more. 


How can you stay on top of the increased housework while also having time to make plenty of fun summer memories? Check out these tips:


  • Enforce a Shoeless House Policy

Where will your family be spending time this summer? Whether it’s at the park, a baseball game, or just in your backyard, there is a lot that could end up on everyone’s shoes.  In fact, about one-third of the matter building up inside your home comes from the outside.


 At first,  enforcing a shoeless house policy might seem like a simple matter of personal preference. Yet, wearing shoes indoors can track in oil, antifreeze, animal waste, pollen, particulate pollution, and more. In fact, studies have also shown that wearing shoes indoors can bring fecal germs and diarrhea-inducing bacteria into your home. The act of wearing shoes indoors puts the health of young children and pets particularly in danger as they spend a lot of time at floor level. 


A shoeless house policy will not only keep your family healthy, but with less from the outdoors being tracked indoors, it also means less vacuuming and mopping. 


  • Make Cleaning a Regular Habit

Do you often feel overwhelmed or unmotivated when it’s time to clean the house? These feelings will only become stronger during the summer month as the weather becomes nicer. And, as your family spends more time at home, you have trouble crossing off anything on your cleaning to-do list.


The best way to keep on top of house cleaning is to make it a part of your regular routine. Choose at least one task to tackle each day – this would be a task outside of daily cleaning tasks. In addition to sweeping and wiping kitchen surfaces, which are daily cleaning chores, you may decide to dust or clean the bathroom. This will not only help you stay on top of house chores, but will make getting through them easier. 


How often should you complete different cleaning tasks? Cleaning tasks such as wiping the bathroom sink should be done every few days while cleaning the fridge or floors can be done every few weeks. 


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